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  Minato Arisato


Yu's dorm-mate and fellow Persona-user with the Wild Card ability. At first he was skeptical of the other, but now that a light has begun to shine on their shared paths, he cannot help but realize just how entangled they are in each others' fate.

With some light shed on his friend's future, and the mutual sharing of their pasts, their friendship only grew stronger as they both begin to open up to one another- a marvelous feat for both of them.

This new bond was tested multiple times in the labyrinth, but he realized just how irreplaceable this bond with one who seals Death within himself is. When the path ahead lies in uncertainty, there is little doubt of knowing who your true friends are. Even if one falters or stumbles on the chosen path.


Yosuke Hanamura


Yu's best friend and co-founder of the Investigation Team. Back home, he had left Yosuke and the others behind to return to the city, but it seems fate had other plans in store for them both. Now they stand as equals against the pain and fear that exists within the Tower.

When Yu lost sight of himself, it was Yosuke who picked him back up and knocked some sense into his thick skull. If it were possible for his determination to somehow pull them all out of this to grow even stronger, his friend's strong will and unwavering loyalty even in midst of his screw ups would made it so.

Even after his Shadow appeared, Yosuke was the one to point out what it was really saying. Ironic, how the tables have turned...