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Yu Narukami-------------------------------------------------
HP: 585/585--------------------------------------------
SP: 372/372--------------------------------------------
Next lvl: -------0 -----------------------------------
Bus Stop Sign/Handmade Katana--
Godly Robe-------------------------------------------------
Bead Ring----------------------------------------------------

TRUNK SPACE----------------------------------------------
SUMMER OUTFIT ⅹ2------------------------------------------
WINTER OUTFIT ⅹ2-------------------------------------------
BOOK OF THE VOID--------------------------------------------
BOX OF MEMENTOS-------------------------------------------

Skill: [fill this out later.]
Item: Hello, trunk space-)
Two summer outfits
Two winter outfits
Book of the Void (with Margaret's bookmark inside)
Small box of mementos from his carry-on bag (smaller items from his maxed S.Links like a compact mirror, hand-made ticket, detective badge, etc.
Small wood carving from Link ([personal profile] childhero)
Equip: (What Yu had on him when suddenly WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE)
Bus Stop Sign
Hand-made Katana
Bead Ring
Silver Bangle
One summer outfit
Coffee mug
Orb of Sight
From home:
Winter Outfit
Mid-winter Outfit
Summer Outfit x2
Shoebox-size box full of Social Link Mementos - (Velvet Pass, Buddy's Bandage, Shrine Charm, Spiral Brooch, Cute Strap, Signed Photo, Wristbands, Family Picture, Letter to Kou, Junes Receipt, Old Fountain Pen, Hospital ID, Test Results, Compact (Mirror), Annotated Script, Detective Badge, Bead Ring, Silver Bangle, Orb of Sight.)
Book of the Void

From the Tower:
Bus Stop Sign - Given to him by [AU2] Shinjiro Aragaki ([personal profile] busstopsign)
Handmade Katana - Given to him by [AU2] Shinjiro Aragaki ([personal profile] busstopsign)
Small wood carving - Left to him by Link ([personal profile] childhero)
Coffee mug - Regain from Hierophant S.Link
Nyan Cat Scarf - Given to him by Kanji Tatsumi ([personal profile] get_bent)
Old bamboo comb - Regain from Aeon S.Link

Death #1: Labryinth Day 6, saving Kanji - handwaved.
Death #2: Halloween Event - Death by Costume.
Death #3: Halloween Event - Suicide by jumping off the tower.
Death #4: Bath Game Event - Forgot the final part of the ritual. Oops.
Death #5: Massive Infiltration - Suffocated by Jason then bled out to death.